What Do Finance Assistant Jobs Cover?

Finance assistant jobs cover a broad category of different careers. There are folks that work under this category that assist the book keeper of a small business, than there are folks that work as assistant accountants in very large firms, and it seems that there are positions every where in between the two extremes that work under this category.

Some folks are simply great with numbers. They love working with numbers and thrive in any job that has to do anything at all with numbers. This folks are the perfect personality types to work in any of the finance assistant jobs.


Banks are composed of much more than a place to stick money. They offer many financial products. They offer loans, investment options and of course a place to put your money.

Many banks have positions for financial officers, these are the folks that make the loan decisions and provide the customers with a host of investment vehicles.

Banks employ many different people in many different types of positions. Some of these positions fall under the heading of finance assistant jobs. The job duties may vary in these positions but they are very much finance assistant jobs.

The duties may include things as simple as making copies, to actually interacting with customers and helping them to fill out loan application forms. Very rarely are these positions, positions of power. They are usually to assist the person in power.

Brokerage Houses

Brokerage firms or brokerage houses provide investors with different investment vehicles. These firms have slew of finance assistant jobs available. The folks in these positions largely work to assist the broker with their daily work loads. The duties will vary greatly and will range from simple administrative tasks to compiling very detailed reports.

Working in a brokerage house as an assistant is probably one of the most lucrative paying place to work for this career category, only because when the firm does well typically all the employees do well. Most firms like these have profit sharing options in place, which can be a really great perk.

There are many other places where you can find these positions. Typically some formal education is preferred but there is not any licensure involved. The more education you have the better the chance is that you will be paid a higher salary. Finance assistant jobs offer a great opportunity at a lucrative career in finance.

Make Money in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is an area of finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions.

Professionals in corporate finance assist organizations generate money to run the business and grow the business. Theses specialists work to support and expand business operations, put together acquisitions, manage cash resources, and ensure future economic stability.

To succeed in this field you will need strong analytical and problem solving skills. Corporate finance officers need to be well rounded and able to communicate clearly to others. These professionals’ design and implement financial policies, plan the financial program, and monitor cash resources.


Those who strive to work in the field of corporate finance will need to have at least a bachelors degree in finance or accounting. Though a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration is the minimum academic preparation for corporate finance, you will most likely need a master’s degree in business administration or finance. Continuing education is necessary for finance professionals who need to be kept up to date with changes in federal and state regulations as they relate to finance. Some companies will provide their employees with the opportunity to attend graduate courses or attend conferences related to their specialty.


Corporate finance officers often work long hours – upwards of 50 hours per week. The financial rewards however can be worthwhile. Corporate financial professionals earn from $75,00 annually to over $175,000. There are unlimited earnings in this field when you work for major corporations and have many years of experience.

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Guess What Your Business Needs? Working Capital and Small Business Finance Loan/Loans Options

Just picture your firm having access to all the working capital you need. Seem impossible? Not really… if you have a solid understanding of your options and your firms capability of qualifying or executing on those options.

Whether you’re the largest corporation in Canada or a small new start up (and everything in between) your business needs working capital. In Canada small business financing loans and financing arraignments for working capital are limited to a handful of possibilities – but being aware of what they are and qualifying for them could be the solution to your constant focus on cash flow via some sort of working capital loan.

It is probably easier than you think to ensure you are addressing the cash flow challenge correctly – where it gets somewhat ‘ thorny ‘ is matching a solution to the problem or locating an expert that can provide you with the business financing assistance you need.

Two key elements of your first step working capital assessment are your gross margins and your turnover. That’s the big problem we have with text book / academic solutions to working capital – they point you to the text book calculation – give you a formula which essentially has you subtracting current liabilities form current assets, and voila! the inference is you have working capital. However, our clients have never paid a supplier or completed a company payroll with a ratio!

To properly assess your working capital needs focus on understanding your turnover – how much inventory do you carry, what are the days outstanding in inventory, and as importantly, or more importantly, are your receivables turning over. Have you realized that for many firms 80% or so of the total of all the business assets you have are tied up in A/R, inventory, and, on the other size of the balance sheet let’s not forget payables.

So can you have financial success based on your new found knowledge and analysis of your cash flow and asset turnover. We think you can.

Canadian business financing solutions to small business finance loans really revolve around a couple viable solutions. Typically, in our experience Canadian chartered banks cant satisfy your business working capital needs – if only for the reason that they rarely finance inventory and require significant merit in your overall financials, profitability, external collateral, personal credit worthiness, etc.

So, where do you go from there? The other solutions are very viable and can take you to a potential 100% turn around in cash flow – they include working capital financing as a bundled line of credit on a/r and inventory via an independent finance company. For firms that are larger we believe the ultimate tool is an asset based line o f credit that provides high leverage margining on all you business assets. Other more esoteric solutions, but still very viable although somewhat misunderstood are securitization, and purchase order financing of new contracts and orders. (Your suppliers are paid directly for the orders you have in hand – what could be better than that?)

Finally, coming up the road at lightening speed is factoring and invoice discounting. We mention them lastly but they are probably the most popular method, gaining traction everyday. Our favorite is confidential invoice financing, allowing you to control your financing.

So there you have it. You have identified new ways to determine the need; we have outlined 4 or 5 solutions that will take the guess work out of working capital. These loan and financing options are available with a bit of research, and, if you choose, speak to a Canadian business financing advisor who can provide you with timely and valuable assistance in your cash flow needs.

Sale and Leaseback Financing

Sale and Leaseback Financing – What is it?

A sale and leaseback financing transaction is where the company sells it free and clear assets and leases it back simultaneously. These transactions can range anywhere from $50,000 to $6,000,000.

This article will encompass the following types of industries and discuss its particulars:

” construction equipment

” manufacturing equipment

” production equipment

” yellow iron

” dump trucks and trailers

” agricultural and farm equipment

” and other heavy equipment

Many seasoned lenders have come up with many industries standards to make the available credit pretty much standard. The first area that the lender will consider is the the value of the free and clear asset that is going to be sold and leased back. Each lender’s formula is somewhat similar but they usually value the acquired asset somewhere between 50%-70% of the auction value. This auction value will come from trade publications and other standards in the industry for these particular assets.

Once the auction value of the asset and/or assets is established, the lender will look at the applicant’s credit. Some lenders will consider the credit irrelevant as they focus on the auction value of the asset. Other lenders will obtain the credit and grade them according. These lenders will come up with a score and give the applicants different lending rates depending upon their credit and the asset involved.

The lender will lease these bought assets anywhere from 24-85 months back to the applicant. Additionally, the lender will offer residual buyout clauses anywhere from 25% residual to fair market value of the asset at the end of the lease. This will keep the applicant’s monthly payment as low as possible.

Sale and Leaseback Financing – What is Required?

Usually, what is required from the applicant is:

” personal financial statements

” a lease application

” a summary telling about the deal and its particulars

” and a detailed equipment list, identifying the assets to sold and leased back

Obviously – bills of sale and title work will have to be performed by the lender.

The proceeds of the these funds can be used for working capital, debt re-structuring, equipment acquisitions, and paying off judgements and other liens.

Sale and Leaseback Financing – Unique Features
Some other unique features of the sales and leaseback program is that usually these transactions are:

” non-bankable type transactions

” home ownership isn’t required

” and poor credit isn’t an issue!

In conclusion, we suggest you shop around for the best deal for yourself and understand all the particulars of the transaction. Hopefully, this article about “Sales and Leaseback” financing assists you with your decision making.

J.M Luna has over thirty years experience in the financial field. This includes accounting and taxes, leasing, hard asset money and working capital loans, and commercial financing. U.S Corporate Capital Leasing Group can assist the startup and seasoned business in all different types of industries.

Auto Loan Financing – Finance Assistance For Bad Credit

Bad credit may get you to make higher loan payments, but by means of bad credit auto loan financing you can avoid this. Though, lower rates on auto loans for bad credit are not impossible but may be difficult to dig out. Again, there are those deceptive lenders to lure people with bad credit with ‘lucrative’ loans that end up containing one or more hidden charges. Therefore, it is essential to browse through plenty of loans and compare them thoroughly to avoid falling prey to these fraudulent lenders.

Bad Credit Auto Loans With Good Deals

Most consumers with bad credit feel awkward to approach lenders fearing that their loan application might get rejected due to their credit status. Usually, lenders scrutinize borrowers’ credit reports to identify their capability to repay the loan. Hence, negative points in one’s credit reports negate chances for him or her to receive loan approvals. Many consumers assume their present credit status can offer them no help to finance their car purchase, this is why, they simply step back. It is true that users with blemished credit report might not get cheap deals as those with strong credit standing, but, bad credit auto loan financing offers good opportunities to improve credit history.

The market is flooded by a number of entities to devise auto loan financing schemes for people with bad credit. So no more worries. Even if you fall behind the score, you do not fall behind an opportunity of buying the car of your choice. Whether it is an old or new car you want to buy, lenders have different auto financing plans in place for you, regardless of your poor credit status. There is variety of car loans for those with poor credit status including used auto loans, car loan rates for new cars and many more. Therefore, if you are out to shop for bad credit car loans, make sure you shop around till you drop.

There is one more way to catch up with your local lenders and far off lenders offering you loans with different quotes. It is at home that you can find them crowding with multitude of loan quotes, on the Internet. Today, lenders have found a niche through the Internet to expand their horizons of business and to tap targeted customers who seek solutions at their fingertips, from the comfort and privacy of their home. This is the best way to avoid fraudulent lenders as you may access sufficient information on their operations on the Internet. As you collect more loan quotes, you can spend more time in comparing quotes of auto loan financing and keeping aside fraudulent operators from your list.

Before you shortlist genuine lenders and actually discuss with them plans about auto loan financing, you will get a clear idea of what your monthly installments will be. You can use the online auto loan calculator that most sites contain. It is one of the best advantages of shopping for auto loan financing for bad credit online as you get an instant estimate whether you can repay the loan that is on offer.

Restaurant Finance Assists Struggling Restaurants With A Merchant Advance

In the economic condition in which we find ourselves in at this time, it’s tough to muster up cash flow for fresh operations for your business. Merchants are repeatedly met with reluctance when they desire financing for crucial procurements or retouches, because financial establishments will more likely become hesitant to advance capital than in latter times.

Nonetheless, it is not abnormal for a corporation to apply cash abruptly, and a factoring arrangement may be just the key.

When you create a merchant account you may discover that your account representative presents not purely credit card transactions. Several merchant loan account specialists administer a thorough scale of company advantages from online advertising to restaurant finance. Those that extend restaurant finance do so through factoring commitments. Factoring is a transaction composed amid the company and the merchant cash advance industry where the company effectively sells a split of its forecast future credit card commerce at a concession for capital right away.

Business cash advances are experiencing a surge in use as financial establishments demand extreme regulations on obtaining a small business loan. Factoring arrangements are not specifically loans, which implies that your credit rating, collateral and additional elements the financial institutions could calculate do not even come about. Seeing that you can confirm that your corporation brings in a firm total of funds through credit card commerce monthly, you’ll be capable to acquire some financing, a very exciting portion of knowledge for fresh corporation owners with a small amount time in business to back them up.

If your merchant loan account specialist does not provide factoring commitments you can run across countless brokers online that will. Check their offer cautiously and be positive that they obey “best practices” models. You should distinguish to begin with how much you will be required to repay as a daily capture quota, whether there are certain costs related with the application process and considerably more. Before you locate an arrangement that achieves your requests, you can acquire your merchant account loan in a few days. This is much quicker than a standard small business loan.

For many years, Daniel Samoohi has served as a reputable source of information regarding restaurant finance. For dependable answers and advice on restaurant finance visit him at Merchant Cash Finder.

Do You Want to Learn More About Bad Credit Auto Financing?

Have you often wanted to possess a vehicle? Are you tired of your old worn out automobile? And have you decided to purchase yourself a new automobile? Then poor credit ratings should not keep you from driving an inexpensive, late-model vehicle. It is possible to drive a nice car, truck or SUV even with a bankruptcy, poor credit rating or slow credit ranking. It can be comfortably offered with Bad Credit Auto Financing. With all the help of the numerous lending organizations readily available to finance your vehicle, even when you’ve poor credit standing, your dream car or truck can now become a reality very easily and in extremely little time.

Each individual has a number of responsibilities in life and sometimes fulfilling them demands making specific sacrifices whether it be not becoming in a position to invest in a car or truck to drive from house to the workplace or not getting able to give a child their initial motor vehicle right after they get their license. You might even have to make do with your cranky old auto on account of lack of credit rating.

With all the present economic downturn as well as the instability and pink slips in the job market, borrowers are now all the extra unsure about buying a vehicle. This is where bad credit vehicle financers come into play since they understand the difficulties you’re facing and so have designed policies to ease all your difficulties. A lot of times, buyers with bad credit are duped by unscrupulous dealers who charge them a high interest rate APR on the funds that they lend them. They lie to them, telling them that the bank needs them to obtain an extended warranty and credit rating life insurance and also lie to them about their credit ranking score, telling them a much lower score than the real one. This adds to their woes and lending credits. It truly is for that reason advisable to sort out your monetary situations and engage the services of a bad credit auto financing firm ahead of purchasing a automobile mainly because inside the end you would not wish to have to sacrifice high quality because of lack of funds.

A very good car financer that finances you in spite of bad credit ought to be 1 that will need to value your money like you do and would unselfishly work with you to sort out your difficulty, considering your needs just before everything else. Most bad credit auto financing firms solve your monetary complications and lend you the expected bucks in a matter of days. That you are expected to fill out your applications and submit them, which is quick due to the fact that your representative will guide you in all procedures and verifications following which they finance your motor vehicle purchase. This eases the decisions that were giving you sleepless nights until a few days ago.

The Special Finance departments at your local dealerships do a super job in helping folks with poor credit score discover the needed financing to come across the motor vehicle which will meet their budget requirements. Using the proper bad credit auto financing assist you may have the confidence to walk into a dealership and pick out the automobile of the choice without having to worry about the funds you owe your lender

Debt Consolidation Finance – Funds To Assist You Remove Debts

Those individuals who are trapped under debts always try to make a conscious effort towards controlling the debts and eventually finishing it off. But lack of finances is a major impediment which restricts the individuals from doing so. To these individuals, debt consolidation finance can be of great help. The money obtained under these finances assist these debtors to remove all their debts and become debt free.

The finances offer sufficient money to the loan applicants so that they can wipe out all their existing debts. The debtors consolidate all their unpaid debts in to a single amount. The consolidated amount is then paid off with the help of the finance. Usually debtor has to make multiple payments towards all the creditors that too at varying interest rate, while in this regard debtor has to pay a single monthly installment towards paying off the finance at very cheap rates. This implies that borrower can now save a lot of money on interest rates.

In the financial market, the finances are available in both the forms. Applicants who can pledge collateral can opt for secured form of the finances. Under these finances, you can obtain a bigger amount, which is actually based on the equity value of collateral. Besides, the presence of collateral provides security to the borrowed amount. This in turn helps the borrower to avail these loans at cheap rates as well as simple terms and conditions.

The unsecured option of the finances can be availed without involving any collateral. This loan option offers a limited amount and is best to clear debts of smaller amount. In case of bad credit borrowers, the finances can be of immense help. The finance offers a chance to the borrowers to improve their credit score by paying back all the debts.

To instantly access debt consolidation finance, borrower can use the online application. The lenders process the finances in such a way that it gets approved instantly. With a large number of options available, borrower can select the best deal by comparing the quotes.

With the finances, borrower gets a new lease of life by paying back all the existing debts.

How To Leverage SRED (SR and ED) Tax Credit Financing And Factoring for Cash Flow

Leveraging your SRED (SR&ED) Tax credit via the financing and factoring of your claim is a responsible way to maximize cash flow and working capital. It’s all about timing, and if your firm requires additional working capital financing the ability to cash flow or discount your claim for working capital today is a clear and viable option.

Canadian business owners that partake of the program in Canada clearly have recognized the benefits of research and furthering their competitive position in product and services. Although tens of thousands of firm take advantage of the program we are always amazed at the number of our clients that either have not heard of the program, much less take advantage of it.

Let’s do a short primer on the program, and more importantly, the financing aspects of your claim. And trust us, we are not talking about going to your chartered bank for that financing, as this type of financing is somewhat boutique and niche requires specialized financing and financing assistance.

The federal SRED program is s of course for private companies that qualify for a non repayable tax credit, in effect a grant from the government for a large percentage of their R&D spending. Your ability to recover that cash flow is of course a very positive aspect, but, the ability to finance your claim as soon as it is filed, ( in some cases before ) simply is one more alternative in today’s challenging cash flow environment to monetize a short term asset and turn it into cash flow.

So how does SRED (Sr&Ed) tax credit financing and factoring work? We use the term factoring because its becoming more broadly understood and accepted in Canada – so what we are simply saying is that your SRED (sr&Ed) claim is in effect a receivable, and in the same manner that you would consider financing a receivable is really the same logic and methodology around a SRED financing.

Is it difficult to finance a Sr&Ed? We keep that explanation to our clients very simple. If you have a SRED that has been prepared by a qualified consultant or accountant and your company has viability then your claim is finance-able. Is that complex, we don’t think so.

Have you ever applied for any type of business financing before? What was involved? – Typically it was filling out an application, providing back up documentation, and clarifying, if required to a business lender, any information that required explanation. Guess what, that’s the SRED process also.

A claim can be financed in a matter of weeks, which we think is a very typical time for any type of business financing these days. After a basic business application and review of your SRED a term sheet is issued. Typically the main collateral for the financing is of course the SRED claim itself. In Canada its typical to receive about 70% LTV for your claim, meaning that if you calim is 300k you would receive immediate financing for 70% of that amount. Whats the monthly payment clients ask? Here’s the good news, there is none. You put that cash flow to work and when your claim is finalized, adjudicated and paid by Ottawa then you receive the other 30% of your claim, minus of course the financing costs, which typically are in the 1. 5 -2% range per month.

Speak to a trusted, credible, and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how SRED (SR&ED tax credit financing and factoring works. Cash flow today from a government non repayable grant – How could you not consider that option!

Franchise Finance in Canada – Financing Your Canadian Business Purchase

Franchise Finance in Canada calls for both you as the owner, as well a lender, to, on a combined basis, complete the financing you need for a franchise acquisition. In Canada you could of course be acquiring a new turn key franchise from a U.S. or Canadian franchisor, or in many cases also considering the purchase of an existing franchise.

Several key questions are always table by our clients – inevitably they are:

-How much do I have to put into the business as my own investment?

-Where do the other funds come from?

And, oh yes, how long does the process take!

We always encourage clients to start thinking of financing very early in the process. A great place to start is often, guess who? Your franchisor! That is simply because if they have a multi unit system already in place they usually have a strong indication of how these franchises were financed. Information you obtain from the franchisor or other existing franchisees is invaluable, as the franchise financing journey is a puzzle to many.We also are quick to add that you should never expect financing assistance from a franchisor in the form of loans, etc – The franchisor grows their business from selling you franchises, not loaning you money.

In the U.S. the majority of franchises are financed via the SBA, which stands for Small Business Administration. This is a government sponsored / funded loan, and Canada has a similar program that is commonly known by several different names – they are SBL, CSBFL, and BIL. All of these are acronyms for the same program.

You should most certainly incorporate your business to both gain access to business credit as well as limit personal liability. Personal liability under the Canadian version of the program is limited to only 25% – that’s a great deal for the business owner, as it of course limits your risk.

Most franchises in Canada are financed via this program. Sounds good so far right. We simply point out to clients that achieving success in this financing program is simply a case of:

– ensuring you understand the basics of the program – i.e. what it does not do

– complying with the information required by the program

When planning your franchise financing focus on what amount you can contribute personally to the business, and also understanding the components of financing you need. What are those components? They are:

– Soft costs ( example – franchisee fees, pre paid rent, etc )

– Equipment

– Leaseholds ( if required )

– Working capital

We can’t over emphasize the need to work with an experienced and credible business financing advisor who preferably has a track record of franchise financing success. A thorough business plan, the right advice, and understanding you’re financing needs – all are critical elements to franchise financing success!